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2022 Program

Light Matter is Co-Programmed by James Hansen & Eric Souther

Program One: Liquid Traits

Friday Nov. 4th, 5:30PM

Liquid Traits Still3.jpeg
Liquid Traits of an Image Apparatus
Vera Sebert, Germany, 2019, 7 minutes
US Premiere

On the screen’s digital surface abstract machine codes appear as sensual images, readable by humans. Visualised machine instructions make up their own semantics and are base for human instructions. On a cinema screen these images are detached from their initial meaning.They condense on the picture base and swash into our eyes. Like a random rhizome structure an associative montage of minimalistic user interfaces follows the film’s timeline. Our own body perception and our interpretation formed by media conditions become protagonists in a film without narrative.

moire image.jpeg
Moire / Écume
Maxime Hot, France, 2022, 8 minutes
North American Premiere

Moire refers to the fabric obtained by the mechanical process invented by the Lyon manufacturer Tignat in 1843. This process consists of partially crushing the fabric by calendering by folding the fabric back on itself.
The frame then deviates, and, losing its initial shape, offers new reflective surfaces to the light, alternating undulations and matte and shiny stripes. It also designates by extension the visual effect (moiré) similar to that caused by this textile
(changing shine, wavy and shimmering appearance).
1. Whitish foam that forms on the surface of stirred, heated or fermenting liquids.
2. Impurities, slags which float on the surface of molten metals.

How to microwave a cauliflower (in three easy steps)
Patrick Tarrant, Australia, 2021, 2 minutes
World Premiere 

You first need to film the cauliflower three times, with a red, green and blue filter in turn. After 30 seconds make sure to pull focus on two of these takes, but not the third (choose your colours to taste). Shooting should be done through a spinning aperture for no more than 90 seconds. Combine in a computer.

Justin Rhody, Black Palms still 2.png
Black Palms
Justin Clifford Rhody, USA, 2022, 2 minutes
New York Premiere

A moving image that moves through a still photograph. Created by photocopying details of an enlarged 35mm photograph directly onto clear 35mm film leader.

Color Noises
Mati Pirsztuk, Argentina, 2021, 1 minute
North American Premiere

The glitches are flowing continuously into the digital landscape, without ceasing; like an eternal sea of colour waves into our eyes, while the sound surrounds the images by covering them into the chasm of noise.

Color Noises is the result of experiments with physical analog video devices such as video cassette recorder player and videocameras mixed together, with an classic cathode-ray tube television as an output.

Capitalist Roaders
Lewis Klahr, USA, 2016, 18 minutes

Capitalist Roaders has music by 2 icons of L.A. experimental music: David Rosenboom-- an excerpt from his epic composition In The Beginning (1978-81) and Tom Recchion with 2 tracks off of is 2006 Sweetly Doing Nothing-- Oozings and Ho Ho Ho 66. Capitalist Roaders is the second film completed of my feature length series: Circumstantial Pleasures (2012-19)

Stephanie Castonguay, Canada, 2020, 6 minutes
US Premiere

LUMINIFEROUS AETHER is an audiovisual composition which explores the transformation of visible frequencies into audible signals through the phenomenon of transduction. The sound piece is mainly composed of light pulses transmitted from a cathode ray monitor of which the characteristics of sound matter are transformed by modulating parameters of the screen. The visual was generated by means of a modified scanner allowing the continuous capture of reflective objects, as well as the use of video feedback loop effects and light diffraction effects from an 8mm projector.

Tenjinsan Textiles
Michael Lyons & Haruka Mitani, Japan, 2021, 4 minutes
New York Premiere

This is a stop motion animation of antique kimono textiles from the Nishijin district in Kyoto. It was filmed on super 8 in Kyoto by Michael Lyons and Haruka Mitani. The soundtrack was created by Michael Lyons and Palle Dahlstedt using the Octopus analogue audio-visual interface. The synthesizer follows visual input from the film, so that the textile motifs may act as a visual score for the sounds. The film is the outcome of our desire to listen to the kimono patterns.

thread, Abigail Smith, 2022, still 1.png
Abigail Smith, USA, 2022, 2 minutes
New York Premiere

Threaded film

ruined arbor.jpeg
Ruined Arbor (Mohsen Namjoo)
Kasra Yazdani & Golrokh Hemmati, Iran, 2022, 2 minutes
North American Premiere

Music is based on an old Iranian poem about a carpet weaver girl weaving a carpet under a ruined roof. Images have been photographed from different carpets of Iranian ethnicities.

Jodie Mack, USA, 2022, 8 minutes

Vital grief finds interplanetary putrescence.

Of Wood
Owen Klatte, USA, 2022, 7 minutes

Of Wood is a unique experimental stop motion film created by progressively carving images in a large round of wood, enhanced with wooden objects coming out of the wood. It examines the role of wood in daily life through the ages and comments on the impact of consumerism on our lives.

ROTOЯ / Sonic Body
NO1, Austria, 2020, 13 minutes
New York Premiere

ROTOЯ / Sonic Body is the multimedia work by artist collective NO1 (Peter Kutin, Patrik Lechner, Mathias Lenz). At the center of the video is the eponymous sculpture—the rotor, a sonic body as loudspeaker arrangement that revolves around its own axis at different, changing speeds. Resounding from the loudspeakers is a minimalist composition, whose sounds are modulated by the speed of the rotation.

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