2021 Program

Light Matter is Co-Programmed by James Hansen & Eric Souther

Special Screening
Sunday Nov 14th, 12 PM
The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin) 
C.W. Winter & Anders Edström, 2020, USA / Sweden / Japan / UK, 480 min

Five seasons, four parts, eight hours: the dimensions of C.W. Winter and Anders Edström’s film are as incommensurable as its central figure. Tayoko Shiojiri, a vegetable farmer who works and cares for her ailing husband in a small village north of Kyoto, Japan (and who is also Edström’s mother-in-law), is the nominal core of this monumental work, a matriarch whose labor the film observes through precise tableaux, dense sonic collage, and sequences that bend all conventional distinctions between fiction and documentary. Through the film’s workday duration, time itself becomes the subject: in its incremental movement at natural, epochal, and human scales, and through the slow passage of a rural way of life that is fading into the past. A Grasshopper Film release.

Please note: The Works and Days is broken into four parts. The film will begin at 12 PM and play in full with a 15-minute break, and hour long intermission, and a second 15-minute break.