2021 Program

Light Matter is Co-Programmed by James Hansen & Eric Souther

Program Four: Put Your Finger On It

Saturday Nov. 13th, 7:15PM

Media Mail I
Justin Rhody & Josh Vidal, USA, 2021, 4 min
World Premiere

The first in a series of long distance, hand-pained 8mm collaborations between Justin Rhody and Josh Vidal. Created during lockdown via the United States Postal Service.

Noemi Comi, Italy, 2021, 1 min
US Premiere

Many images, after being published, become indestructible, even if the author's wish is to delete them forever. They seem almost immortal, especially if they go viral. Users re-upload them, search engines keep them in their databases, and in the most extreme cases, not even the search engines keep them in their databases, and in extreme cases not even the postal police can remove them completely. 8STABS was born out of the desire to destroy this agglomeration of photographs, to remove them from screens through a process that directly involves them.

Starting with a quick presentation of old images uploaded online, an initial video was made showing the images in quick succession. Next, the camera was placed in front of the computer screen and a second video of the same presentation was made. The same process was repeated several times, resulting in a series of videos showing other videos. Each of these violently changes the appearance of the images until they are completely unreadable.

It took eight stab wounds to destroy the photographs, eight violent blows that reduced them to a state of total immateriality. The photographs slowly fade away, becoming large monochrome blobs that are constantly changing. The only recognizable element is the texture of the monitor and even the latter, defeated by its own image, returns to a state of primordial light.

James Edmonds, Germany, 2020, 10 min

The flesh of time, strands of the present, in constant becoming and disappearance. One reel for each season, exposed between 2016 and 2017. Leitmotifs of flora, providing some unity within each section, as a reflection on its atmosphere and passing presence.

Erica_Sheu_SheuWu_image3 1.jpeg
Fur Film Vol. 1: I don't own a cat
Erica Sheu & Tzuan Wu, Taiwan / USA, 2021, 7 min
New York Premiere

The cat I don't own runs through windows between different spaces and times, and it disappears before finishing a sentence.

Using outtakes and rushes (what "fur film" means in Mandarin) to redeem the affects in these images we produced for. The film is the first volume of an ongoing exchange diary project between Erica SHEU and Tzuan WU. From the filming exercises. hand processing. editing and sound design, we experiment with different workflows of audio and visual between Taiwan and USA.

Tristen_Ives_tristen ives - double whammy - image 2 jpeg.jpeg
double whammy!
Tristen Ives, USA, 2021, 5 min
New York Premiere

A diaristic short exploring mental illness and identity.

Figure Minus Fact
Mary Helena Clark, USA, 2020, 13 min

Night, like mourning, remakes space through absence: forms at the threshold of perception heighten sound and touch. When someone dies there is a pull towards the concrete and tangible, but disbelief creates a world of unreliable objects.

Figure Minus Fact draws and redraws coordinates between spaces, senses, and objects, groping in the dark, desiring to see something that’s not there. Spaces become evidentiary yet deceptive in a subjectless portrait of loss.

Grumble Bummer
John Knecht, USA, 2021, 5 min

A post apocalyptic state, still full of angst and sorrow. We follow the frustrated hammer of the future, long after Brecht thought that he had nailed it. Searching always searching, feeling deep yearning from the bowls of what used to be biology. Does he get it in the end?

Monica Duncan_Senem _Monica_Duncan_Senem_Pirler_Cornucopia1.jpeg
Monica Duncan & Senem Pirler, USA, 2021, 6 min
World Premiere

Cornucopia celebrates the pleasure of queerness in the electronic signal.

If a Tree Falls in a Forest
Leonardo Pirondi, USA, 2021, 15 min
New York Premiere

Set in the landscapes of Los Angeles, If a Tree Falls in a Forest is speculative fiction that follows the unfolding of a secret study. Objects encased within a metal structure found in the desert evoke a dystopian future of our own planet. According to a scientist who worked on the research (who requested to remain anonymous), among the objects encased were two discs made of a rare crystalline material. In these discs were messages, or rather, warnings that have been decoded and translated by the Department of Linguistics of Extinct Languages using an experimental technology of an automatic translation machine. The original audio can be provided upon request.